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IN Brief

Insight and Sound is a crazy hybrid of strategy and creativity.

IN Sync

Who We Are

You’ll never meet two such contrasting guys as us, yin and yang. This is our brainchild, conceived out of a love of visual image and spoken world

Granted Nigel has had years of experience in marketing departments but is also a writer and broadcaster. He actually headed up all website sport content when William Hill went digital

Rich is a zany creative, exceptional videographer and editor who also lectures on film production

We share an outrageous sense of humour which often comes out in our productions but our skills are hugely complementary

We have worked on both sides of the fence and understand that each project needs a set of objectives by which to judge effectiveness in line with a defined budget

Rich Stephenson
Rich Stephenson


Nigel Aplin
Nigel Aplin


LAP Research

Charity set up by four working leading NHS physicians to fight chronic diseases of the liver and pancreas.

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Insight and Sound Professional Camera
IN Vision

What We Do

We create videos and podcasts that support your strategy by defining the objectives that drive them

Making videos and podcasts should be fun and spontaneous – that’s the only way to capture authenticity and honesty

Our creativity is intuitive, spontaneous, often with a dash of spice!

One of our clients is driven by budgets and profitability but insists on having fun at the same time – that’s why she works with us!

‘I shit bricks every time. I always think this is going to be the one that screws up. It’s like that with all other art forms, you don’t paint a picture or write a poem that’s already been planned. You discover by creating. It’s about opening doors you didn’t know you could open.’

Mike Leigh.


IN Step


Our videos and podcasts not only have engaging creativity, but also a rigid set of Key Performance Indicators that take into account the platforms on which they operate. The way in which they are targeted is key to their effectiveness and engagement.

Our videos and podcasts not only tell a story, but maximise their impact by tailoring their content to match Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, websites and other platforms.

To make the most of your budget we aim to extract as much content as we can.

Effective engagement is paramount, great content makes great mates!

Insight and Sound camera filming some of our clients
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